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Apple's programming language for IOS, WatchOS , TVOS, MacOS and Linux. 

Adobe Illustrator

Vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. 


Digital imaging for design, photography, video editing and more.

"....My sixteen-year-old daughter is delighted with the lessons at your programming school. You explained everything perfectly and very clearly. And, very importantly, Lana is sincere and patient. And also very attentive to the capabilities of each kid. Each lesson was really individual, very interesting and motivating. Thanks a lot! "

Angela, Parent

Learning to code is like learning a foreign language.

It takes time.


That's why we developed a flexible year round program so that your child can continue learning throughout the school year.​​

Monthly price includes 4 lessons / 90 minutes each.

$225 - 1st month

$185 - 2nd month

$125 - 3rd month + 

Steve Jobs:

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think”

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