CodeCombat: programming in Python


Even an adult can get bored looking at endless lines of code. We offer to learn to program, grabbing lands and defeating enemies in the best traditions of RPG.

CodeCombat is a multiplayer browser game, which allows learning coding in JavaScript and Python. On each level a player is faced with a particular task - for instance, to find a mushroom, which can defeat an ogre, to lead soldiers into battle or get out of the dungeon. A child will run a wizard completing those tasks with the help of the spells - JavaScript and Python command. To complete the whole game a player should remind all commands. It is easy in the beginning, but then the tasks get harder and a child has to think more creatively.

In CodeCombat programming classes your child can get real experience in Python coding and develop algorithmic thinking.

Why CodeCombat?


  • It is a multiplayer game, not a gamified lesson course - that is why it can interest even the most impatient child;

  • There are different editor levels in CodeCombat, with the help of which you can finalize the game and offer your own tasks;

  • There is an individual mode and various options for teamwork in CodeCombat;

  • A teacher can monitor the progress of the whole group of students;

  • A player gets additional points for solving tasks at the first attempt;

  • CodeCombat teaches kids serious “adult” coding.





combat 2.png

Grade: 3-8


Duration: 4-6 months