Programming for the little ones in Tynker


In the digital era and technological progress, it’s very important to interest a child in programming from a very young age. Fortunately, startups and app developers encourage the interests of kids in technology and development. 

If you want your child to make the first steps in IT direction then we recommend starting with «Tynker» course. It is suitable for kids from the age of 6. 

Programming  in Tynker is characterized by the following number of special features:

  1. Tynker has an exciting game environment and funny characters, which will attract the attention of kids and interest them for sure;

  2. The basic principles of programming are presented in the simple and understandable form. It’s not like training: children just play games, which offer them to do simple tasks and puzzles;

  3. During the training process a child does not only play educational mini-games, learns to draw and create animation, but also develops own project – a game or a cartoon; 

Having mastered the main principles of programming in Tynker your child will:

  • replace time wasted with useful and developing activity;

  • find the balance between entertainment and training;

  • understand that programming can be funny and interesting;

  • develop algorithmic thinking, creative skills, and self-confidence;

  • learn to create simple animations and games, and also to share them with friends;

  • proudly present own project to the parents and get praised.

After learning to program with the help of Tynker visual blocks a child can move on to advanced programming languages – Python.

Don't miss the opportunity to interest your child in information technologies with the help of Tynker.

tynker 1-2.jpeg

Grade: 1-5

Duration: 4-6 months