Minecraft is a game, which kids and adults from all over the world love.

The constructor game was created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and it became a phenomenon in the gaming industry. In a short time, the world of Minecraft got an army of fans and became one of the most profitable games.

Minecraft courses for kids

Friendly environment of Minecraft is a great place to start learning to program. We recommend “Programming with Minecraft for kids” course to all students aged 7 years or older.

For many people, Minecraft already became not just a game, but the way for self-expression: small blocks allow to model whole worlds and manage characters. During Minecraft programming classes kids accomplish different tasks and play mini-games. Elements of the game are managed by special program commands, which look like small blocks. These blocks need to be placed in a specific sequence so that the program can set them in motion. Thus, kids write the program code. And that's just the beginning!

Kids, who at least have a minor experience in Minecraft, notice the moments in the game, which can be changed and upgraded. To search for useful resources, generate wood and build can be pretty boring. It would be great to automate these actions, right? Minecraft programming will make the game fun and more individual.

By solving such tasks a child learns the basics of writing a program code and algorithmic thinking in a form of the game.

By the end of Minecraft course for kids your child will:

  • learn the basics of programming with Minecraft;

  • develop planning, algorithmic and spatial thinking skills;

  • learn to work in a team;

  • turn passion about the game into the useful educational process.

Gift your child an opportunity to create amazing virtual worlds and write own rules for them!


Created by Jamie Zieger

Grade: 5-8


Duration: 4 months