Game development in Roblox Studio


Roblox is a very popular multiplayer online game for kids.  It has recently offered an opportunity to create games on its own platform! Roblox Studio is an environment for game development in Roblox world. The game engine will help your child to learn to create own game world, share it with friends and game community.

Advantages of game development in Roblox Studio

Just a few years ago only a small amount of professional companies had the main focus on game development. But game engines changed everything! In our programming courses, children will be able to learn to create their own games in Roblox within a month.

What are the advantages of Roblox platform?

1. Roblox is a popular application, and almost every child is familiar and plays in it. 

2. Roblox is a very colorful environment, in which lots of things are simplified and adapted for children so that even the little ones can create their own games in it. 

3. Roblox Studio allows
 to create games without using programming languages, which makes it interesting for kids. Roblox easily introduces children to most of the necessary tools. 

4. Lua programming language module is used in the process of game development in Roblox. The language is functional, structured and easy for kids to learn to code. 

5. Roblox Studio offers an opportunity of joint game development – kids can create their games and publish them in Roblox environment in two clicks.

Information technologies develop very fast. That is why programming is one of the most demanded areas. Learning the mechanics of game development, project work experience, the basics of Lua programming – everything in this course is going to be useful in future life.

Also in our programming classes, we also focus on general terms and principles, which are used in every programming language and provide a basis for further development in that area. 

During the Roblox course your child will: 

1. Learn the principles of the game engine, know its pros and cons; 

2. Get the basic knowledge of Lua game programming; 

3. Learn the «programmer ethics» and get the understanding of structuring the code; 

4. Get the basic knowledge of algorithmics and project and script optimization; 

5. Learn the basics of game engine physics; 

6. Learn to model objects, create characters and animation, work with texture and lighting, design landscapes,
grass, and trees, use the sounds, create special effects and other elements of the game; 

7. Build the imagination into own game world. 

Register your child for Roblox course. Make good use of the time! 


Grade: 3-8

Duration: 4 months